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I specialize mainly in clients from the corporate environment (top managers, lawyers, bankers, real estate agents, IT experts, entrepreneurs, etc.) and members of their families. I do not advise or evaluate. I ask and listen.

Come if:
… you are worried and tired; little energy, inner dissatisfaction and restlessness; sometimes anger at oneself; sometimes just a “stupid mood”; sometimes sharpened conflicts with the environment and the feeling that you are alone in everything; quarrels and tensions until it hurts his head; you sleep badly; you often feel like you don’t know how to proceed…
… Or you are in a life crisis that hurts to be uttered: divorce; gauge; betrayal; death or illness of a loved one; a serious illness in the family or when you become ill yourself; or any other difficult period……
or you are in a work crisis: you feel that perhaps you must have burnout; you spin in a vicious circle; you can’t take any more pressure on performance; you experience mobbing at work; you are looking for; you feel trapped; you have no idea how to combine professional and private life; Have you lost your job
or do you just need to talk to an independent person ad hoc, think out loud, sort out your thoughts on one or more topics.

I believe a psychologist must have:
(1) humility before what he does;
(2) respect for his clients and
(3) he must not lack insight and humor.
According to these principles, I also approach work with clients.

I am convinced that the services of a psychologist will soon be as common as going to the gym or the dentist.

I can conduct consultations in Czech, English or Russian. You can find more about me and my work at www.respektrum.cz.

Cancellation of the deadline: Please note that the confirmed deadline is mutually binding. Of course, you may change your plans. Then please let me know no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date of our meeting. If you cancel the term less than 48 hours in advance or you do not arrive, then I must charge you a cancellation fee of 100% of the price for the consultation.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome at my profile. I deal especially with clients from the corporate world (managers, lawyers, bankers, real-estate agents, IT experts, entrepreneurs etc.) and their family members. I do not judge and do not provide advices. I raise questions and listen actively.

Come to see me if:
… You are tired and worried and lack energy and sense tension and inner unrest; sometimes you are angry with yourself; sometimes it is just a “bad mood”; other times you have conflicts with people around you and you feel alone to deal with everything; quarrels and tension that lead to a headache; bad dreams; quite often there is the feeling that you do not know how to go on…
… Or you are in the midst of a life crisis which hurts incredibly: a divorce, a break-up, a betrayal, when a dear person dies or is seriously ill, or when you are ill yourself or you simply are through any hard time You…
Or you are in a career crisis: you feel as if you have a burnout syndrome; your job is like a viscous circle; you cannot stand anymore the pressure for higher output; you have experienced mobbing; you cannot find your place at your job; you feel as if trapped; you have no clue how to match your family life and your profession; or you have just lost your job……
Or you simply need to talk to someone independent ad hoc, think aloud, settle your thoughts over one or more topics.
It does not matter what you need to solve. Do come. We are looking forward to meet

I am convinced that psychologists must:
(1) feel humbleness for the job they do;
(2) respect their clients and
(3) not lacking a sense of humor and the ability to see things from a broader perspective.
These are my rules when it comes to how I work with clients.

Also, I am convinced that seeing a psychologist will become as common as seeing a dentist or having regular fitness routines.

Consultations can be held in Czech, English or Russian. For more about me, please go to www.respektrum.cz/en.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that once confirmed, the term is binding for both of us. In case you change your plans, which is absolutely all right, just let me know 48 hours before the agreed term. In case of a late cancellation (less than 48 hours before the agreed term) or a no show I will have to charge you 100% of service fee.

Looking forward to meet you.

Я специализируюсь на корпоративных клиентах (топ-менеджеры, юристы, банкиры, агенты по недвижимости, ИТ-специалисты, предприниматели и т. Д.) И членов их семей. I do not advise and appreciate it. I pollinate and listen.

Come if:
… selected and settled; little energy, intrinsic invulnerability and insecurity; always evil on oneself; always just a “stupid mood”; in other merging, circumferential and tactile conflicts, all of which are unified; Вы часто чувствуете, что не знаете, что делать дальше …
… Или вы находитесь в жизненном кризисе, который больно произносить: развод; washbasin; exchange; the death or sickness of a human being; heavy sickness in the family or whenever they hurt; or any other merciful period …
… Or work in a crisis: you are a person who must be consumed for a long time; you will return to the locked circle; you may not, at all, bear any implication for production; keeping the working furniture; you are selfish in love; You do not know how to combine professional and personal life; rubbed the work …

I shall calculate what the psychologist may have:
(1) reconciliation, before doing so;
(2) consideration of its clients and
(3) it is not possible to dispense with visa and Hamor.
I also work with clients in line with these principles.

I get lost in the services of a psychologist soon to become a normal part, as well as normally go to the hospital or the room.

Consultations can be conducted in Czech, English or Russian. You can recognize more about me and my work at www.respektrum.cz.

Remuneration: Avoid the perception that the subject matter is mutually obligatory. Finally, you can change your plans. Then, please let me know, by the end of the day, in 48 hours to the planned data of our meeting. If you pay less than 48 hours or not, you should pay 100% of your paycheck.

With impatience, I meet you.

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